Ron Nopper

Donald Hedges
Lung Cancer Survivor

My name is Donald Hedges. In 2005 I discovered I had lung cancer. A surgeon in Grand Junction, Colorado, removed part of my right lung. He told me then I was going to have to have radiation. I could either have it down there or come back to Wyoming.

I didn’t know either place really.  I didn’t know anything about any of the doctors. So, I started asking questions.  Rocky Mountain Oncology seemed to be the best bet. I talked to Dr. Tobin and he set up the treatments.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that you take 34 treatments. That’s 5 days a week, and you have to travel, like I did, from Riverton, Wyoming, to Casper, Wyoming, and that’s every day for 5 days.  34 treatments.  The lucky part of it is that Dr. Tobin and the staff over there have a bus that picks the people up and brings them down from Lander, Riverton, Shoshoni and Thermopolis, and there’s no charge.  A lot of people couldn’t have their treatments if it wasn’t for that bus.

The crew over there at Rocky Mountain Oncology is the best. They’re absolutely the best.  If you do their recommendations and you have a good oncologist, there’s no reason why you have to give up in two years.

I would say to anyone that did have cancer, go to someone like Dr. Tobin.  Explain what you have and the way you feel, and it will give you a different outlook on life, because they really care.  They do a wonderful job.