Detecting cancer earlier.
Seeing treatment results more accurately.

Early detection of cancer is key in developing an effective treatment plan. Rocky Mountain Oncology is the only center in the state to make the investment in a fixed-site integrated PET/CT center, offering our patients the most advanced imaging technology for the detection and evaluation of cancer.

PET/CT scans more effectively show where cancer is located, whether it has spread, if it is changing and how the body responds to certain treatments. Beyond clinical advantages, this technology saves patients time with shorter testing periods lasting only about 30 minutes.

Most amazing perhaps is that PET/CT can show the entire body, including all organ systems in a single exam, and is able to identify certain affected areas before they would even appear on other imaging exams, such as MRI, CT, x-ray and ultrasound. This reduces unnecessary surgical or medical treatments and avoids multiple testing procedures.

PET/CT technology delivers a better view on cancer. That’s why Rocky Mountain Oncology is Wyoming’s cancer care destination.