Ron Nopper

Ron Nopper
Lung Cancer Survivor

I found out I had a tumor on my left lung. I went to Rocky Mountain Oncology to seek treatment and that’s when I met Dr. Tobin.

After I was initially diagnosed, Dr. Tobin reviewed my scans with me. He explained that my tumor was inoperable, so I would need some sort of radiation treatment instead of surgery. He gave me a few treatment options to think about. He was very helpful with his recommendations, and was happy to answer all of the questions I had concerning my treatment.

We decided to do stereotactic radiosurgery. The process involved a series of radiation treatments where they targeted the tumor inside my lung and tried to eliminate it. After my treatments were over Dr. Tobin did another scan that showed that my tumor had shrunk considerably in size. We held off on more treatments, and in three months the tumor was only a fraction of its original size and showed no metabolic activity.

Throughout the whole process I was treated in a very friendly and professional manner, not only by Dr. Tobin, but also by the nurses, the front desk staff, the imaging department and the radiation technologists.

I look forward to seeing Dr. Tobin and the Rocky Mountain Oncology staff again when I return for my follow up visit in another six months. I am very thankful to all of them, and I couldn’t possibly be more pleased with the results of my treatment!