Not all patients are candidates for surgery.

Rocky Mountain Oncology offers non-surgical alternatives that are safe, effective and non-invasive. One popular and highly effective procedure is Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). SRS is a highly potent and focused form of radiation therapy – not a surgical procedure. For the patient this means no incision, no anesthesia and no hospital stay is required. SRS is accomplished by using 3D technology to pinpoint a tumor location and deliver precise radiation to the site. This form of treatment is less damaging to healthy tissue, involves fewer risks and complications and is typically delivered in shorter outpatient sessions, allowing patients to return to their daily routines as quickly as possible.

Rocky Mountain Oncology has made the investment in the very best, proven technology and treatments that deliver better outcomes in shorter periods of time. Returning to a normal life is important. Our focus is to help you get there.