Rocky Mountain Oncology treats the patient and heals the person.

Cancer is a very stressful experience. Here we take advantage of a multitude of wellness services to both relax the patient and create a more calming environment that is optimal for healing. Massage therapy, yoga, physical therapy and support groups are all offered as part of the wellness program at Rocky Mountain Oncology. These wellness services provide additional physical and emotional benefits to our patients, aiding in the overall healing process, and producing a truly first-class comprehensive cancer care experience.

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissues and muscles to relax the body and improve quality of life. We customize treatments for each patient to allow a safe delivery of massage while maximizing therapeutic benefits such as easing depression, relieving anxiety, reducing pain, strengthening the immune system and much more.

Yoga offers the advantage of combining physical and mental exercises to achieve a connection of the body and mind. Each patient works at his or her own pace performing gentle stretching movements, breathing techniques and meditation. These elements are designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance, and increase energy and mental function.

Physical therapy is used to rebuild muscle strength and coordination. Patients perform different exercises based on individual rehabilitation needs. This form of treatment offers benefits to the patient including accelerated recovery, improved strength and range of motion, restored function, decreased pain and reduced anxiety.

Support groups offer a safe environment for cancer patients feeling overwhelmed, afraid or alone. Patients can confidentially discuss emotional needs and feelings, share ideas and embrace survivorship. A support group can help provide the emotional strength and support to help our patients live with cancer.

Take advantage of our wellness services for an optimal healing environment. This is just one more reason we are a first-class comprehensive cancer care experience.